What is the best time of the year to visit Curacao?

You can spend 365 days a year on Curacao. The average annual temperature is pleasant 27°C. Due to the northeast trade wind, there is almost always a pleasantly refreshing breeze. During the months of August and September temperatures are at its hottest, when temperatures of up to 35°C are quite normal. The seawater is always very pleasant, with up to 30°C on the surface.

The best months for a Curacao holiday are the months of February through May. There are hardly any rainy days, usually few mosquitoes and the winds from the sea are pleasantly refreshing. This makes this time of year ideal for Europeans and Americans to escape the cold winter. During this time, the island can be quite dry, as it often doesn't rain for months. To see the island in lush greenery, you better come in the months of November to January, because from October on it rains more frequently. The "usual " rainy season begins in November and lasts until February. Even in those months, it rarely happens that it rains a full day. In most cases there are usually a few heavy showers and after a short time the sun shines again.