Online ED–card shortens the waiting time at the customs

Upon arrival in Curacao, all foreign visitors, has to have a completed ED-card to pass through the immigration. So far the ED-card was given in the plane on flights to Curacao. You can also, if desired, before embarking on the plane, fill in your ED-card online at home, at your own pace.  The introduction of this Online ED-card, which will be linked to the Secure Border Management System of the Curacao Immigration Department, will significantly reduce the waiting time at the immigration desk.

Fill in ED-card

Once you have booked your flight, you can fill out your card. That must be at least happen before your departure to Curacao. When all mandatory fields are filled in, press "Save" to send your card. Then you will receive by email a confirmation of receipt. If possible, print out your online application.
Keep in mind that the confirmation does not guarantee that you will actually pass through immigration as soon as you will be on Curacao. That is ultimately at points of entry by an immigration officer. Upon your arrival the immigration officer will scan your passport and is communicated or your card is already online in the secure border management system.

Pass the immigration

Upon arrival at the immigration desk you need to show your travel documents (passport) to the immigration officer. The immigration officer then compares your Passport information with the data on your completed ED-card in the system.
For visitors who prefer to fill out their ticket during the flight to Curacao, the traditional ED cards are still available. The international ED-card is available in English only.
Here is the link to pre-fill your ED-map:

>>> Fill in the ED-card online <<<

We wish you a good flight, fast walk through customs and, above all, a very enjoyable stay in one of the houses of /